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Wearable Art Accents

Learn how different special accents that can be applied to wearables and quilts.  Techniques learned will be things like Soutache, couching, textures, cording and details.  Make useable samples using different embellishment techniques. 1/2 day  or full day project class.  All skill levels.  Zig-zag machine required. (Kit fee) 

Wearable Art Vest

Learn several different fabric manipulation and embellishment techniques that will be used on a vest.  This is a dazzling class that is a lot of fun. Full day project class.  All skill levels.

Scribble Vest

Fun wearable for fabric lovers.  Very easy class for all skill levels.  Full day  project class.  Very additive!

Easy Dress
  Use your favorite fabric and a purchased blouse to make an easy and  comfortable dress in an afternoon.  Perfect for fall or the holidays.  1/2 day project class.  All skill levels.
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